How to buy

So, you have found my site, and if you have clicked here, you are interested in purchasing a knife. The first and most important thing for you to know, before starting an order, is that, I only make custom knives. That is, I do not have pre-made knives, blanks, handles, anything. Your knife, is exactly what you order. As you might have guessed, that takes some time. I take what you have ordered, and make it, from start to finish, from scratch. My estimated time of wait, is about two months, from the order of the knife, to the completion. Often I can complete the knife much sooner, but two months is my average.

To order a knife from me (Silas Mount), email me here: Let me know that you want a knife. I usually can get back to you on the same day the email is sent, or the next. I will ask you a number of questions so I will know what the knife is going to be like. I usually ask, what style you want, what it will be used for, what dimensions you want, what handle material you want, what kind of pins, and what kind of money you want to spend.

A few words on my pricing. My knives are not cheaply made in factories, I create them, without anyone else touching any part of the knife. My minimum price for a knife, right now, is roughly $90. Certain stabilized woods, antler and generally expensive handle materials, all bring the price of a knife up. For example: A large chef’s knife, with reddish spalted, stabilized maple burl, mosaic pins and a hand rubbed blade, will run about $400.

If you have looked through my gallery, but can’t find what you have in mind, no problem! I love building new knives. My mentality is always, ”form follows function” which means, we will design a knife for the job it will be used for, then spice it up aesthetically.

I look forward to talking to you!



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