All About Mount Knives

Mount Knives started with me (Silas Mount) making knives for myself. As a person interested in survival I did the research and had the understanding about high carbon steel, the primary steel (and main material) I use in my knives. I first made a few for myself, then people started asking for them, I gave them away. Finally I decided to move to being a full fletched custom knife maker. I now make custom knives on demand, I used to make just survival and falconry knives, but now I make most designs Including outdoor and kitchen knives, I do not make swords, daggers, large bowies, micro knives, or knives with individual finger grips. I believe in making knives as tools to be used, my knives should be a pride for the owner to look at, as well as use.

My preferred materials at the moment are 1084 and 1075 high carbon steel, followed closely by 5160 high carbon steel. I enjoy natural, solid wood as my handle materials, but occasionally use antler, G10 and micarta.

As a custom maker it is my job to make the customer what they want. I always try to put some of my personality and preferences into my knives as people seem to enjoy that. since I am the knife maker, I know what the knife needs, however, the knife is largely based on what the order is. I try not to surprise my customers with the piece, but agree on exactly how they want it to be and if they have any strong preferences and then start on it. Since I make my knives from scratch (no ready made knives, handles, blades etc.) it usually is a bit of a wait on the customer’s part.

What makes Mount Knives special? I find myself asking this question of myself more and more often as I advance into the knife making world.  The first and broadest subject that makes Mount Knives special is that I am a small, single person business. I have separated myself from making cheap, disposable junk that most production companies make nowadays. I am a custom maker, and with that comes a lot of pride in my work. Ripping someone off would result in the compromise of my reputation as a maker and a person, as well as the collapse of my business. I do not make knives I am not proud of. If one of my knives breaks, and the breakage was not caused from abuse, I will repair it absolutely for free.
Another point that I thought I would add, is that my first and foremost goal, is to make a quality knife. My knives, as a rule must outperform the leading production knife company knives by a long shot or I do not sell them. Through talking to some makers I have found that making a quality knife, that is far superior to a production knife is the general goal. However some makers have no regard to making a special, quality knife, they simply wish to earn money. Since earning money is not my primary goal, my customers benefit from buying from me, since my goal is to make a knife that is made from the finest materials I can use as well as being constructed as carefully and reliably as possible.


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