Let’s get this party started…

So, I am about ready to start doing some work on this ”site” and showing my knives, talking about them, and how to purchase. First off, I am treating this as a site, even though the URL is technically a blog. With that settled, I would like to give you some direction. I have got a few pages already up here, and will have more, with more content to my current pages. First I have ”All about Mount Knives” It’s the page where I try to cover most of the general info about my business in one shot. Secondly I have my gallery, a place for me to show pictures of knives I have made. Often I will ask customers to refer to my gallery and find the materials/style/finishes, they like best, then make the knife loosely based on that. I am by no means restricted to remake my designs, and actually dislike making the same knife more than once.
Next we have the ”how to buy” page. Here I try to give clear instructions on the ordering process.
I also have a page on ”maintenance”, though it is usually not needed often, or regularly, I like to talk about how to keep your knives in good condition. I also include both of the care sheets that I send with knives to their new homes.

Thank you!


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