First Post

Well Hello. I decided to do this post as sort of an ”icebreaker”, since I do not have any knives that are completed to show, but do not have a lot on this site. So here are some examples of my work, my current abilities and also a little bit on what I would like to do in the future.

RA bushcrafter2
Here is a bush crafting knife. I thought it would be good to start us off since that is how I got started, by making these style knives. The blade on this knife has a mustard patina on it, which is applied to the blade for  some rust protection. I often get people asking ”what is that stuff on the blade, and what is it for?” Well the mustard patina is applied partially for the character it adds to the blade, it also resists further patina and rust. Some people are attracted to the look of the patina, some are not. This knife has nickel silver pins and a cocobolo handle. I love making these knives and hope to further develop my design in the future.

skinner knife
I apologize for the quality of this picture, but I wanted to display this is a skinning knife I made. I really dedicated a lot of time into the handle. The handle has 14 pieces and is at about the limit of amount of handle parts and handle intricacy that I can do currently. It is interesting to note, that those little brass slips in the handle along with their spacers are not just slid onto the tang with a perfect fit, but also pinned for a very strong connection. Handle materials are wenge, brass and bloodwood.

Drew neck knife3BG EDC
Next are two examples of my cheapest (and arguably most useful second only to my bushcrafters) knives. They are my EDC/neck knives line. I like to stick with a fairly traditional style neck knife so that limits the design somewhat, but since the design is a time tested one, that is not a problem. The knife at the top is a legitimate neck knife with a bocote handle, the knife on the bottom is a little smaller design with a slightly different taste, but still with that neck knife style.

Paring knife MM Kitchen paring SC paring3
This next batch of pictures are some of my paring knives. I seem to make a lot of these. As you can see I have two distinct designs, guarded paring knives and plain. The guard was actually a custom order that I was not happy about making due to the guard, but after the customer had had them for a time, they started telling me how well the little guard worked to stop your finger when working.

RE antler handle knife SC knife brass guard two Fnessmuk3
Here are three work knives. I really enjoy this style of knife.
The nessmuk blade (third picture) displays some wire work on the handle. This can add a lot of character to a knife.

Here is a random selection of pictures.
File work

File work on the spine of a knife.
Heavy Hunter

Hunting knife.

Scandi outdoor knife

Outdoors man’s knife with contoured handle.

SC sheath

One of my sheaths.


This is a Tanto style knife.
carvign knife2 fillet in log

Here is a little carving knife.                                   This is a fillet knife with a cool lanyard.

Chef and paring

Chef’s knife and paring knife (these were made when I did not have lots of experience) I would enjoy doing more chef’s knives even though I mainly do outdoor knives.

If you have any questions about my knives, feel free to ask.


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